CFL Lightbulb Replacement


Cost  $1.50 per bulb

Savings  $6/year/bulb.  Average home can save $180 per year.[1]

Installation time –  1 minute

Materials/Tools Needed –  CFL bulb

Maintenance –  None

         Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are simply curly versions of the long tube fluorescent lights you may already have in a kitchen or garage.  Because they use less electricity than traditional incandescents, typical CFLs can pay for themselves in less than nine months, and then start saving you money each month.  An ENERGY STAR-qualified CFL uses about one-fourth the energy and lasts ten times longer than a comparable incandescent bulb that puts out the same amount of light.

         CFL bulbs are available in a range of light colors, including warm (white to yellow) tones that were not as available when first introduced.  Some are encased in a cover to further diffuse the light and provide a similar shape to the bulbs you are replacing.  If you are looking for a dimmable bulb, check the package to make sure you purchase a CFL with that feature.

         Fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, and, like batteries, paint, household cleaners and oil, they should always be recycled at the end of their lifespan.  All of these items may be taken to an Arlington Crud Cruiser drop off site[2] or the Fort Worth Environmental Center.[3]  Also, many retailers recycle CFLs for free.




[3] 6400 Bridge St., Ft. Worth, 76112