Shower Trickle Valve


Cost  $6.00

Savings  $37/year for individual, $150/year for family of 4[1]

Installation time –  5 minutes

Materials/Tools Needed –  Teflon tape, trickle valve.

Maintenance –  None

         The trickle valve attaches between your shower head and the showerÕs water pipe.  No tools are required unless the shower head is stuck. 


The trickle valve is activated with the touch of a button or turn of a knob and reduces water flow to a trickle.  It is activated when full water flow is not needed -- for example, when lathering, shaving, or shampooing.  The temperature of the water is maintained at all times since the hot and cold handles are not touched.  Full flow is instantly restored when needed to rinse off.




  1. Remove shower head by turning counterclockwise.  If stuck, grab pipe and/or shower head with locking pliers to loosen. 
  2. Remove old Teflon tape if present.
  3. Wrap new Teflon tape tightly around pipe 2 turns, clockwise.
  4. Install trickle valve onto pipe, turning clockwise.
  5. Wrap threaded end of trickle valve with Teflon tape in same manner.
  6. Install shower head onto trickle valve.




         When using pliers on metal surfaces, protect from scratching the metal by placing a folded rag between the jaws of the pliers and the metal pipe.